Team Series Event

Event Date: June – August 2015

During the months of June, July and August, our coaches and some of our more experienced athletes took part in the Team Series Event. This event was against the three existing CrossFit boxes on the island – Limitless Performance CrossFit, CrossFit 246 and CrossFit IslandFit. The last Saturday of each month brought these three facilities together to compete against each other. Each facility hosted the event at their home ground. Unfortunately LP was unable to partake in the first round due to other commitments, however total points wasn’t everything for us. Giving our athletes the chance to show their talents and embracing the community spirit we jumped in at round 2. Our teams represented us extremely well and our coaches definitely set the example for the possibilities CrossFit and the facility itself has to offer.

Congratulations to the LP teams and all other athletes that participated and a huge thank you to our members who came out to bleed green!