Limitless Games In-House Throwdown

Event Date: November 2016

On November 27th, 2016, LPCF hosted their first In-House Throwdown between the members.  The divisions included Women’s RX and Scaled and Men’s RX and Scaled. 32 LPCF warriors competed and challenged themselves in three mandatory WODs before the top ten advanced into the semi-finals. Following the semi-finals, the top five warriors advanced into the final event to determine who would reign supreme! The facility was consumed by a combination of nerves, high energy and community spirit amongst both the competitors and spectators. The day was a huge success for everyone! A big thank you to our sponsors and volunteers who helped to make this event possible!

You can view images from this event in our photo album Limitless Games 2016.

The final results were as follows:

Women’s Scaled:
1st – Natalie Noumeh
2nd – Shonelle Hollingsworth
3rd – Akia Drakes

Men’s Scaled:
1st – Shawn Denny
2nd – Roger Boyce
3rd – Craig Atwell

Women’s RX:
1st – Mia Ward
2nd – Michelle Foster
3rd – Wendy Bullard

Men’s RX:
1st – Gerston Blenman
2nd – Damian Alleyne
3rd – Rowelle Blenman