Limitless Games 2017 – Team Wars

Event Date: Nov 2017

Limitless Games 2017 – Team Wars event occurred on November 4, 2017 and brought together the CrossFit community from near and far. A big thank you to the athletes – who’s blood, sweat and tears inspired everyone present; the spectators – who’s cheers, claps and screams created the perfect competition atmosphere and last but not least, our many volunteers and judges – who’s time and assistance allowed the event to be executed at a very high standard.

Congratulations to all teams who competed!

The final standings were as follows:
Rx Women’s Team – 1st: IslandFit Barbelles / 2nd: A Bread And Two / 3rd: Triple Threat
Rx Men’s Team – 1st: Trini2dbone / 2nd: Ethnic Pelau / 3rd: Misfits
Scaled Women’s Team – 1st: Bar-belles / 2nd: Trying Ah Ting / 3rd: Flaming Hot Cheetos
Scaled Men’s Team – 1st: 100% Dark Chocolate / 2nd: Team511