Barbados IslandFit Games

Event Date: May 2016

On Saturday, 7th May 2016, we had eleven athletes compete at the Barbados IslandFit Games (B.I.G.). The team consisted of our two coaches, Russell Grant and Kim Sealy along with nine of our members, Michelle Foster, Simone Kirton, Amanda Morris, Mia Ward, Damian Alleyne, Gerston Blenman, Rowelle Bellman, Mark Jordan and Kamal Patel. It was a long, hot and extremely challenging day. Despite the harsh conditions and the tough competition from CrossFit 12-12-12 (Trinidad) and other affiliates within the region, our athletes displayed great determination, exceptional sportsmanship and outstanding performances. Our green machines dominated not only on the competitive field, but also on the spectator line. Our members came out to bleed green and support our athletes – after all, we are one…we are family… and it’s just what we do!

We had 3 athletes from each division (male & female), finish in the top 5.

Kim Sealy – 3rd place
Michelle Foster – 4th place
Mia Ward – 5th place

Russell Grant – 3rd place
Damian Alleyne – 4th place
Mark Jordan – 5th place

Our facility was also announced the top affiliate for most competitors at B.I.G.!

Congratulations once again to our athletes who did an incredible job and a big thanks to our members who came out to cheer them on!